Ever since writing my first poem in 3rd grade, I was obsessed with how to say more with less. My career has been a winding road, and I have come full circle. I started out in PR pitching journalists. But I wanted more creativity, so I became a journalist for a bit. Then I wanted more.

After so many jobs in different facets of communication, I realized what rung true over the years–I like to write copy and content. I love being able to immerse myself in the needs of an audience and deliver phrases that captivate and compel. I love learning how things work in different industries, what works across the board and what requires nuance and customization.

It’s been a bumpy road of fits and starts. Hell, I even took time off in 2017-2018 to get my license in massage therapy. But having worn so many hats, I have gained wisdom and I know what has changed for me and what hasn’t. I have always enjoyed the challenge of writing, of etching out a brand’s voice and developing style. I live for the alchemy of distilling complex research and astute observation into intuitive language. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a well-crafted message.

I am a:

Creator by Nature

I am a passionate creator by nature. Before I began writing poetry, I was a drummer. At 17, I began learning piano–I would sneak out of the cafeteria at lunchtime to play the baby grand in the auditorium. Whatever I do, I immerse myself in the process. I love to learn an art to where I am able to improvise. I believe improvisation is key to success. After all, any inspiration results in creation in the moment.

Storyteller by Heritage

I grew up in an Irish family and am proud to be a dual US-Irish citizen thanks to strong ties to the Emerald Isle. The Irish are proverbial storytellers, and this is true for my family and I. We’re lyrical, witty and love a good craic–you can often hear us repeating stories at dinnertime, fine-tuning their elements and polishing them for optimal laughter and calling upon people to tell a familiar story because they tell it the best.

Listener by Trade

Having spent over three years and taken over 1,500 calls as a crisis and suicide hotline volunteer, I understand the value of connecting and reflecting with people. Now as a licensed massage therapist, I am listening with my hands as I scan my clients for problem areas. I enjoy tending to client needs while fostering in them an innate trust in my process. I have learned through massage and crisis work that the art of persuasion requires a gentle, intuitive approach.

Give me a call at 908-627-1077 or email me at [email protected].