Clark is a supportive, thoughtful coworker with a knack for creating prolific connections at an organization. When he and I collaborated, he made the process very easy. He was thorough and quick in his ideation and execution. I strongly recommend him to an organization that wants a highly responsible, engaging marketer with precise writing chops, a knack for strategic messaging, and profitable people skills.

Carina Minardi, PhD

Walter Kazcyki, President, AB&M Logistics

I enjoyed working with Clark as he contributed lively perspective to NeuroFlow’s content strategy. In pitching ideas and working to create content for our blog and placement in several industry publications, he helped us become a thought leader for targeted audiences in health care including physicians and employers. I highly recommend Clark to companies looking for a creative, organized thinker who can blend clinical studies, stakeholder interviews, and more into insightful content that generates leads.

Will Crowley, Director of Marketing, NeuroFlow